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Dr. Marqus Brown

Dr. Marqus Brown is a recent graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. He is originally from a small town in Mississippi known as Rolling Fork, located in the Mississippi Delta. Growing up, Dr. Brown was always active and into sports, influencing his goal to be in the healthcare industry. Upon graduating high school, Dr. Brown studied Sports Medicine and Exercise Science where he furthers his passion for exercise, health, and nutrition. It wasn’t until after he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sports Medicine that he discovered Chiropractic and the power of it. This is when he realized he wanted impact the world by offering Chiropractic care along with incorporating his exercise and nutritional expertise.

Shortly after this realization, Dr. Brown then enrolled to Palmer College of Chiropractic. During his time there, Dr. Brown was fascinated with how essential Chiropractic care is to healing and optimizing functions of the human body. As a result, Dr. Brown took advantage of learning as many techniques as possible including: pediatric care, caring for pregnant patients, soft tissue therapies, sports chiropractic, passive therapies, Thompson technique, Gonstead technique, flexion and distraction courses, rehab, and as well as activator training. With his skill set, Dr. Brown is knowledgeable and adequate when treating any patient demographic. He takes pride in being multi-faceted and diverse. He believes anyone with a spine can and should be adjusted. So far, Dr. Brown has adjusted athletes, expecting moms, infants, adolescents, as well as geriatric and chronic illness patients. Dr. Brown is known for his light touch and attention to detail when caring for patients. He enjoys cultivating relationships with his patients and getting to the root cause of a patient’s pain. Dr. Brown is an advocate for wellness and preventative care. However, he also excels in assisting patients with chronic illnesses or chronic pain and works collaboratively with other doctors to ensure the patient gets the help they deserve. Dr. Brown is eager to assist you in your healing journey.

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