Spinal Degeneration

(407)878-5848 Degeneration Phase 1 The first stage of spinal degeneration is when there is a minor loss of normal spine balance and spinal curvature. The

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Two cars in a fender bender accident

Car Accident

(407)878-5848 How to Recognize an Injury and How to Respond Car accidents are traumatic, not only emotionally and financially, but physically as well. Sometimes physical

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Sports Injury

(407)878-5848 Characteristics of Sports Related Injuries and How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help In the case of sports related injuries, chiropractic treatment is a recognized therapeutic

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chiropractic doctor taking care of a personal injury on a patient

Personal Injury

(407)878-5848 No Injury Is Too Small If a patient finds themselves in a personal injury accident, it is important for them to make sure to

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Doctor helping an elder woman in a wheelchair with chiropractic care

Pain Clinic

(407)878-5848 Rivera Family Chiropractic is a family-owned business that focuses its efforts on client rehabilitation. Our attentive team of professionals is responsible for the diagnosis

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