Electrical Muscle StimulationElectrical muscle stimulation or EMS also referred to as electromyostimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), is the eradication of muscle contractions by means of electrical pulsation. EMS has established a growing volume of consideration in recent years due to a number of causes: it can be employed as a bodybuilding technique for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. It also bears the potential to be utilized as therapy and protective piece of equipment for moderately or entirely immobilized patients

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a remarkable form of therapy that can facilitate the healing process in the human body. Electrical muscle stimulation therapy achieved through the process of distributing a tiny electrical current through the afflicted soft tissue or muscle spasm. This particular type of therapy employs the desired current in an attempt to assist in the reduction of swelling and disperse pain generating points within the body that could cause the muscles to stiffen up. Such a feat is achieved by facilitating the body to discharge natural pain relief that most know as endorphins.

Electrotherapy is usually utilized in combination with additional treatment, instead of only by itself. For patients undertaking physical therapy, electrotherapy has the potential to ease pain adequately for someone to partake in more active exercise regimens. Electrotherapy is amid pain and discomfort assistance possibilities attracting attention as the prospective side effects and risks of opioid and narcotic medicines have become even more obvious.

The Benefits of Electrical Stimulation Include

  • Reduction of painful and uncomfortable symptoms
  • A decrease in local swelling
  • Promotion of muscle tone
  • Ability to restore the normal range of movement
  • Release natural pain relief inside the body
  • Accelerate the natural process of healing

Electrical muscle stimulation is a useful therapy if a patient regularly experiences spasms in their back or neck muscles. It functions exceptionally well in soothing the muscle and letting it restore it to its regular condition reasonably fast. Small therapy meetings are outstanding at enabling the healing process from severe and chronic pain.

This treatment typically lasts only a couple minutes, respectively. Electrodes are positioned on the skin above the afflicted area, and the instrument is switched on. At which time an electrical current is conducted into the soft tissue or muscle, depending on the severity of the injury. The degree of current applied varies depending on the injury, the location of said injury, and how deep or shallow the therapy will be. This electrical current generates an experience in the muscle similar to very minor but rapid contractions. Throughout the treatment process, patients have reported a feeling of prickliness or a tingling sensation; however, such feelings diminish subsequently once the device is switched off, or soon afterward. Many patients reportedly enjoy the odd sensation, comparing it to a message.

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy works in accordance with both severe and chronic pain. If you have been struggling with pain, discomfort, or have recently sustained an injury, discuss with your local chiropractor if electrical muscle stimulation is right for you.