Interferential ElectrotherapyInterferential Current also is known as IFC electrotherapy is an outstanding technique for assisting the body as it deals with spasms, sprains, and complications associated with soft tissues. This treatment achieves these results with an extremely low replicated frequency that is applied to the soft tissue. The sensation of this type of treatment is very minimal and a majority of patients feel really relaxed throughout the procedure. Accompanying this therapy is an imitation of the body’s usual recovery process by assisting it in producing natural pain eradicating endorphins, as well as helping with the relief of these stresses, spasms, and soft tissue problems.

Interferential current treatment is an effective therapy possibility offered at a host of different physiotherapy clinics to provide relief from pain and hasten the body’s natural healing process, getting patients back into a healthy, pain-free state. The high-frequency signals of an IFC treatment infiltrate the skin into underlying muscle tissues.

Electrodes are positioned on the skin surrounding the compromised area of injury. The Interferential Current machine then proceeds to transmit electrical pulses in minuscule amounts throughout the skin. Below surface level tissue and nerves are invigorated which activates the body’s natural healing process.  These pulses are in no way painful or uncomfortable for the patient as many have reported after experiencing treatment. In fact, patients often describe the feeling like a slight tingling on their skin. Frequencies created by the IFC have been confirmed to encourage endorphin production, the body’s natural defense against pain. This is responsible for helping to create a process in the body that inspires self-healing without the need for risky and expensive medications. IFC types of therapy are also very beneficial in pain reduction, spasms, curing edema, and inflammation.

IFC Electrotherapy has been known to assist in:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain safely and effectively
  • Noticeably decreasing the appearance of swelling and inflammation
  • Restoring lost movement and improving restricted movements and coordination
  • Stimulating natural hormones which help the body heal at an accelerated rate
  • treating chronic pain, as confirmed by a number of medical professionals and studies

Interferential current stimulus is also highly effective in the handling of circulatory and muscular disorders, inflammation, edema, and stiffness of joints. If a patient is found to endure health complications related to cumulative trauma disorders, body pain, joint injuries, or are pre/post orthopedic surgery, interferential current electrotherapy is a significant alternative option to other more invasive and costly procedures.

Interferential current electrotherapy has remained in practice for countless years, and there are a number of different case studies and research documenting its flexibility in treating assorted symptoms, streamlining the healing process and repairing a normal range of movement for many people. Patients who opted to try experiencing interferential current electrotherapy for themselves have reported far fewer post-op difficulties when compared to those who chose to rely solely on risky pain relief medications. No anesthesia is used in this treatment which means patients are able to drive themselves home afterward without any difficulty.

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